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G5 Creative Group

graphic design / web development agency

Looking for a creative, responsive graphic design / web development agency? G5 Creative Group, located in the Chicago / Milwaukee area serves Lake County Illinois in northern Illinois. G5 supports clients nationwide with cutting edge design solutions that energize marketing efforts. In a world of “advertising confusion,” G5 provides graphic design communications that are targeted and succinct due to a proprietary five-step definition and creation process.

When you need high impact graphic solutions for branding, identity, print collateral, packaging, merchandising, website design, SEO optimization, interactive media, video and marketing strategy development, G5 delivers. Leverage your marketing budget by having your creative issues properly defined and executed efficiently.

Contact G5 today and learn how to maximize your communications efforts and gain business with “creative solutions that inspire and motivate.”

Some of the first things taught in elementary school are shapes, colors, numbers and letters. These are the building blocks for communication and problem solving skills. And while we all make use of what we learned in school, some people are better than others at specific tasks. So it’s no surprise that some people become […]

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Imagine if you will, you’re a child again. Back in grade school. You have your friends, teachers, books, video games, homework and your little sister. Things at home are mostly ok but sometimes can get a bit out of hand with mom and dad fighting. For the most part, mom and dad love you. On […]

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