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TNBG / The Next Big Thing

Some of you may recognize the name Marc Andreessen and others may not. Marc is an American entrepreneur and is best known for developing an internet browser named Mosiac – back in 1993. Marc is only one of six inductees into the World Wide Web hall of fame.  Suffice it to say, Marc’s work in coding up Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NSCA) cracked open a door that allowed the internet to appear on our screens. Continue reading

Primal Purchase Decisions

Quick… Double Stuff Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Cheer or Tide? Pepsi or Coke? You’ve already decided before you decided.

New breakthroughs in EEG (Electroencephalography), which is the study of brain electrical circuitry and raw computer processing power, is shedding light on how and why you buy. Welcome to neuromarketing. Continue reading

Easy Package Track and More with Google

If you find logging into your favorite shipper’s website to track packages takes forever, there is an easy solution. Just type the tracking number into Google and hit return. UPS, Fedex and the USPS are all supported. You are taken to the appropriate website with the current information on the shipment, bypassing the extra keystrokes and clicks. Continue reading

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