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Copywriting Like You Mean It!

Some of the first things taught in elementary school are shapes, colors, numbers and letters. These are the building blocks for communication and problem solving skills.

And while we all make use of what we learned in school, some people are better than others at specific tasks. So it’s no surprise that some people become accountants, while others become artists, writers, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, and so on. Continue reading

Disaster Control Communications

In old World War II movies, when an aircraft carrier was attacked the captain called for damage control immediately after the enemy was vanquished. It was vital to know what shape his vessel was in and what capabilities it still possessed. The current wave of danger had passed, but the ship would now be vulnerable to a second attack. In the heat of battle, everyone was trained to man their post and perform their duties. After the attack, the goal was to restore what was damaged back to normal as quickly as possible. Continue reading

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