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Copywriting Like You Mean It!

Some of the first things taught in elementary school are shapes, colors, numbers and letters. These are the building blocks for communication and problem solving skills.

And while we all make use of what we learned in school, some people are better than others at specific tasks. So it’s no surprise that some people become accountants, while others become artists, writers, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, and so on. Continue reading

G5 Creative Group Supports CASA of Lake County

Imagine if you will, you’re a child again. Back in grade school. You have your friends, teachers, books, video games, homework and your little sister. Things at home are mostly ok but sometimes can get a bit out of hand with mom and dad fighting. For the most part, mom and dad love you. On occasion they do drugs late a night while they think you’re asleep, but they’re not really bad drugs.

Continue reading

First Post / Message and Media

Welcome to the news and information center of G5 Creative Group. This is actually the first posting for our graphic design agency and we’re very excited about sharing our knowledge with clients, business associates and friends. If you have “bumped into” our site by chance (you ol’ web surfer you), sit back and relax. Unlike what your dentist tells you, this (really) won’t hurt a bit! Continue reading

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