Filter5™ is a culmination of project managment, nureological research and moral principles. The filter begin with a correct diagnosis of the communication problem. Once defined, the issue is assigned to a communication vehicle. From there the creative solution is truthful, tangible and tactile. This process yeilds results because of its simplicity and sincerity.

1. DEFINE THE COMMUNICATION ISSUE – Good creative solutions begin with asking the right socratic questions. Professional project planning begins with developing a clear view of the problem needing resolutions. The basis for developing great designs that connect is no different. Without a clear understanding of the issue at hand and target the audience being reached, solutions are often developed for problems and customers that don’t even exist.

2. DECIDE ON THE MEDIA – At one time, TV, radio and print were the only ways to connect with a target audience. Impressions counts mattered because the more you were seen, the better chance you had of connecting. Today’s media choices are more refined and precise. Your message statement and target audience are factored into deciding on a communication medium.

3. TELL THE TRUTH – Every product and service has a story to tell. Be sure that you are providing a truthful assessment of what you offer in your brand and product promises. With the advent of social media, companies need to be certain of their core values and be able to articulate them to a potential consumer. David Ogilvy said “You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine”; we fully agree!

4. TANGIBLE BENEFITS – Products and services solve personal problems. Giving the consumer real tangilble benefits about your product or service separates you from your competition. Like the G5 inspirational heroes, expect efforts that exceed expectations. You will enjoy dealing with the enthusiastic staff at G5 Creative Group.

5. TOUCH THE CONSUMER – Discretionary purchases are emotionally driven. New discoveries in neruosciences reveal that choosing a product or service is made within the “survival” portion of the brain. Connecing with the consumer on that level is crucial for sales. Understanding and tapping into the emotional core of the consumer will enable you to create a visceral connection.