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Copywriting Like You Mean It!

Some of the first things taught in elementary school are shapes, colors, numbers and letters. These are the building blocks for communication and problem solving skills.

And while we all make use of what we learned in school, some people are better than others at specific tasks. So it’s no surprise that some people become accountants, while others become artists, writers, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, and so on. Continue reading

G5 Creative Group Supports CASA of Lake County

Imagine if you will, you’re a child again. Back in grade school. You have your friends, teachers, books, video games, homework and your little sister. Things at home are mostly ok but sometimes can get a bit out of hand with mom and dad fighting. For the most part, mom and dad love you. On occasion they do drugs late a night while they think you’re asleep, but they’re not really bad drugs.

Continue reading

Package Development and Graphic Design

PakcagingExamplesPut your product into stores with a package that builds your brand’s equity and creates sales.

Get structure development, graphic design, printing and production from the packaging experts.

Call Us Today At 224-372-3277 To Get Started

Packaging your product for retail doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. With the proper structural design, graphics and production you can be in a retail environment in no time at all. Continue reading

Site Maintenance and Hack Repairs

Ignoring a hack is a recipe for disaster as the word about your “Attack Site” spreads like fire across the web. Fixing the damage can take weeks or months and can be almost impossible!

The old adage goes, “your either in a disaster or in between them.” Getting hacked is definitely a disaster and it requires immediate attention!

As people click to get to your site, they are greeted with the “Attack Site” warning box like the one shown on the left. In addition to scaring your viewers, your site is being cataloged as a malicious “Attack Site.” It takes very little time for the whole web to list your site as an “Attack Site.” Unraveling the spreading damage can take considerable time and effort. Continue reading

TNBG / The Next Big Thing

Some of you may recognize the name Marc Andreessen and others may not. Marc is an American entrepreneur and is best known for developing an internet browser named Mosiac – back in 1993. Marc is only one of six inductees into the World Wide Web hall of fame.  Suffice it to say, Marc’s work in coding up Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NSCA) cracked open a door that allowed the internet to appear on our screens. Continue reading

Primal Purchase Decisions

Quick… Double Stuff Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Cheer or Tide? Pepsi or Coke? You’ve already decided before you decided.

New breakthroughs in EEG (Electroencephalography), which is the study of brain electrical circuitry and raw computer processing power, is shedding light on how and why you buy. Welcome to neuromarketing. Continue reading

Easy Package Track and More with Google

If you find logging into your favorite shipper’s website to track packages takes forever, there is an easy solution. Just type the tracking number into Google and hit return. UPS, Fedex and the USPS are all supported. You are taken to the appropriate website with the current information on the shipment, bypassing the extra keystrokes and clicks. Continue reading

Connecting to Your Customers with Neuro-Marketing

Picking up the pieces of a broken dream

You’ve been here before. The creative brief was well thought out. The target audience was “mirco-defined” and the final communication solution tested well in focus groups… Even so, the new launch fell flat with lackluster sales results and now there is a scramble on to come up with a fix.

Your target audience paid no attention to the message and now triage begins. What could have we done better? Maybe we should have chosen the other creative option? Did we misread the focus group results? Did we pick the wrong media selection?

What used to work doesn’t work anymore

Over the last century, advertising results worked well within wide boundaries. Like most companies, your creative messages were accepted by a fair majority of customers and consumers. Continue reading

Burger Kings Fires Their Mascot

Burger King Fires the King in an Advertising Strategy Switch

Burger King recently “retired” the King character from their advertisements. Industry experts believe the king was forced to leave or be terminated. It’s unclear if there was a non-compete clause in his contract, but it widely assumed he received a substantial severance package.

Not only is the King gone, but so is long-time agency of record, Cripin, Porter + Bousky. After 7 plus years of countless dollars spent on building the King character, Burger King is pulling the plug on him.

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