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Philosophy that Defines G5 Creative Group

G5 Creative Group uses a five- step process to develop creative solutions for our clients.

The G5 method is borne from the logic used in sophisticated scheduling and production theory.

The key to our solution is to define, decide, tell the truth, provide tangible benefits and touch your target audience.

Click here to learn more about the G5 five-step process.


Good, creative design begins with a correct assessment of your needs. Clients often respond that no one had ever asked the questions they hear from G5 Creative Group.

In order to define and decide on an action, you must have a clear understanding of the issue at hand. G5 will help define your communication problem and formulate a viable solution that is relevant to the target audience.

Much of G5′s inspiration stems from the work of Winston Churchill, Mohammad Ali, David Ogilvy, Edward Deming, Socrates and others who espoused truth, determination, logic and simplicity. Instead of the fickle fad de jour, you can expect real results from a well thought-out communications solution from G5. Their creative design is perfected with a heavy dose of critical thinking and an insatiable appetite for learning.

Finally, since the team at G5 has spent time in the corporate environment, the pressures and stress of maximizing your marketing efforts with less budget and manpower are understood by G5.

You will be surprised at the unsurpassed service that G5 provides. Your emails, text messages and phone calls are responded to very quickly. Additionally, G5 works efficiently to control costs and provide a very good value for their services.

Like the G5 inspirational heroes, expect efforts that exceed expectations. You will enjoy dealing with the enthusiastic staff at G5 Creative Group.

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