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Five-Step Solution to Creative Problems

G5 Creative Group’s five- step process is a merging of standard project scheduling and advertising positioning.

By applying the 5-step process to your communication issues, the problem is identified, the solution is defined and the message is specifically tailored to “speak” directly to your target audience.

Contact G5 Creative Group now to learn how the five-step process can increase sales.


You will find that G5 Creative Group always approaches creative challenges using a repeatable process that yields relevant communications that connect and resonate with target audiences.

The first two steps set the foundation for proper creative development.

1. G5 defines the real issue at stake. Many communication problems may or may not be properly perceived. Critical, direct questioning and investigation will pinpoint what the issue really is.

2. Once defined, the second step is to decide what is the best method of communication using the variety of available advertising channels. After definition and decision, we apply three key filters to our creative solution (steps 3, 4 and 5).

3. Tell the truth about the client’s product or service. Anything other than the truth erodes brand equity and causes consumer rejection for any future purchases.

4. Give the tangible benefits of the client’s product or service. The consumer needs to know how your product or service will solve their problem.

5. Touch the audience with a message that is meaningful and fulfilling.

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