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Site Maintenance and Hack Repairs

Ignoring a hack is a recipe for disaster as the word about your “Attack Site” spreads like fire across the web. Fixing the damage can take weeks or months and can be almost impossible!

The old adage goes, “your either in a disaster or in between them.” Getting hacked is definitely a disaster and it requires immediate attention!

As people click to get to your site, they are greeted with the “Attack Site” warning box like the one shown on the left. In addition to scaring your viewers, your site is being cataloged as a malicious “Attack Site.” It takes very little time for the whole web to list your site as an “Attack Site.” Unraveling the spreading damage can take considerable time and effort.

The best way to avoid a landingpage hack is to make sure your site is up-to-date with the latest scripts, plug-ins and coding, ensuring all potential vulnerabilities are secured.

G5 offers one-time, monthly and yearly maintenance contracts that will keep your site current up, reducing the chance of being hacked.

But, if you are hacked, you need to do something NOW! Every moment you wait is critical. G5 can diagnose and remove the offending breach to your site and have you back up online quickly. Contact G5 right now.

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