Your identity is a key marketing touchpoint with those inside and outside of your organization. Not only is a consistent well thought-out solution crucial to building brand equity, long term consitency of presentation and purpose adds equity to your bottom line.

Logos, icons, fonts, colors, design elements

A loosely defined brand identity and visual elements such as a logo, icons, typefaces, colors, sounds and even smells create confusion. Unless properly managed, identities become meaningless. Consumers are quickly disoriented over uncoordinated colors, fonts and varying logo presentation.G5 Creative Group’s thorough and insightful strategic analysis is the base foundation for sustainable brand positioning. Major names such as Bosch, Skil, IRWIN, Skechers, Vise Grip, Hoover, L&M and others have benefited from no-nonsense insight G5 offers. With the mayhem of marketing noise, you need a qualified resource to help you make sense of your branding challenges. G5 can help.