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Identity, Logos, Branding and Positioning

G5 Creative Group provides a wide array of design services beyond developing Identity, Logos, Branding and Positioning.  Click on a menu below to learn more about a specific discipline G5 offers.



G5 Creative Group’s thorough and insightful strategic analysis is the base foundation for sustainable strategic brand positioning.

Major names such as Bosch, Skil, Vise Grip, L&M, Eve, Lark and others have benefited from no-nonsense insight G5 offers. With the mayhem of marketing noise, you need a qualified resource to help you make sense of your branding challenges. G5 can help.

First and foremost, your branding lives in the mind of the consumer. This perception is reality based on the myriad of touchpoints from a company’s services, products and consumer interaction. Brand trust is gained over time by meeting and exceeding expectations. Conversely, it is easily lost if value propositions and promises fall short of a consumer’s expectations.

G5 Creative Group offers real-world expertise in determining brand weaknesses. Once defined, a plan can be implemented to correctly reposition or evolve your brand. Through this process you will correctly address a brand’s issues and leverage solutions to achieve optimum results.


Your identity is a key marketing touchpoint with those in and outside of your organization. So a consistent well thought-out solution is crucial to building brand equity.

Loosely defined, brand identity are those visual design elements defining your company such as a logo, icons, typefaces, colors, sounds and even smells.  Unless properly managed, identities become meaningless. Consumers are quickly disoriented over uncoordinated colors, fonts and varying logo presentation.

Instead of confusion caused by an inconsistent  “corporate voice,” let G5 Creative Group create and monitor your identity so it’s pure, faithful, reliable, honest and a true reflection of your overall brand strategy.

You can trust G5 for logo development, branding style guides and applying your identity across different media, while maintaining a consistent look.

Controlling your identity is extremely important to building your brand long-term. Contact G5 and learn how to take charge of your identity for optimum brand performance.

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